East Windsor Chimney Sweep Company

East Windsor Chimney Sweep Company

Are you looking for a great East Windsor chimney sweep company? Many homeowners who are new to having a fireplace may not be too familiar with what a chimney sweep service does. Just like the name “chimney sweep” implies, this service chimney sweep professionals clean chimneys by sweeping the inside of the flue.  However, chimney sweep professionals are important for many other reasons. They can inspect and diagnose any problems with your chimney to ensure that everything is working safely and properly all year round. In addition, they also make repairs and replace or install new systems.  But how can you know when you need to call c chimney sweep company? Below, we will be looking at reasons to contact an East Windsor chimney sweep company:

Reasons To Call A East Windsor Chimney Sweep Company

Reasons To Call A East Windsor Chimney Sweep Company | Water In Your Fireplace

Assuming you have a chimney cap in place to prevent rain from entering the chimney, if you see water in your firebox, it means there’s a leak somewhere.  Water that gets into a firebox may come through cracks in the bricks and mortar of the chimney.  Serious and expensive damage will eventually happen if the problem isn’t fixed, and in the majority of cases, only a trained chimney sweep can determine exactly where the breach exists and its extent.

Reasons To Call A East Windsor Chimney Sweep Company | Smoke Coming Into Your House

If the fireplace damper is open properly and smoke is filling the room, there may be an obstruction within the chimney.  A variety of debris that flies in the air or falls from trees may have gotten in there.  Small animals are known to build nests in chimneys.  Smoke in the room also may be the result of downdrafts, which can be caused by a chimney that’s too short or a flue that’s too large.  In either case, a trained chimney sweep can quickly discover what’s wrong and provide you with a solution.

Reasons To Call A East Windsor Chimney Sweep Company | You Suspect A Chimney Fire

Not all chimney fires can be seen, but they’re all capable of doing serious damage.  If you ever hear an unusual cracking or popping noise or the sound of rumbling coming from the fireplace while in use, or if you notice it’s producing a great amount of dark, dense smoke, you need to immediately extinguish the fire in the firebox and call emergency services.  After that, call a chimney sweep to assess the damage and give your chimney a clean bill of health before you use it again.

Reasons To Call A East Windsor Chimney Sweep Company | At The Beginning Of Each Year

Even if there’s no sign of water infiltration and the fireplace is drafting properly and you haven’t had a chimney fire, this fourth reason to call a chimney sweep should apply to all homeowners who operate a fireplace.  A clean chimney is a safe chimney, and an inspected and maintained chimney is one that won’t cost you huge sums of money down the line.

Looking For The Best East Windsor Chimney Sweep Company?

St. John Chimney Sweeps has been the most trusted chimney sweep company in the Mercer County area for over 15 years. St John Chimney Sweeps has the specialized equipment and training to correctly and safely perform annual inspections, all types of repairs and, of course, thorough cleanings.  We pride ourselves in our 100% customer satisfaction no-mess guarantee. Many of our quality products have a lifetime warranty. We are honest and efficient, providing thorough explanations for all our work. Our licensed and insured company is also a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). Call now for a free estimate at: (609) 737-0133 or visit our website.

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