Princeton Chimney Masonry Repair

Princeton Chimney Masonry Repair

Does your home have a fireplace? If so, you probably got a lot of use out of it last winter. However, while you have been enjoying the warmth of a cozy fire in your home, your chimney has been taking a toll. Regular chimney inspection is important to keep your home and your family safe. We all love a roaring fire, but very few of us inspect our chimney or perform any routine maintenance. Princeton chimney inspections are a good idea if you see or suspect that any materials are loose or missing. Calling for Princeton chimney masonry repair to correct problems quickly is also a good idea.

Princeton Chimney Masonry Repair

Princeton Chimney Masonry Repair | Damage you cannot see from the ground

Have you noticed discoloration of the roofing shingles below your chimney? Signs of water damage are obvious. Excessive moisture breaks down every basic element. Do you know what caused the stain you’re looking at? If the flashing around the base of the chimney is causing rust stains, your chimney has been compromised. Water damage only gets worse over time. Your chimney needs a professional inspection when the signs of damage are obvious.

What about the damage you cannot see from the ground? Hidden damage is one reason you need a professional with experience. What else is the water doing to your chimney? Tiny seams or cracks in the brick and mortar can hold moisture. Water evaporation from inside the masonry is slowly weakening your chimney.

Princeton Chimney Masonry Repair | Preventive maintenance or major repair?

Your home is a major investment. Getting professional inspections on a regular basis helps protect your investment. Home owners must make minor repairs. You can avoid costly structural damage with preventative maintenance. Your decision to take the advice of professionals has direct consequences on the state of your home. Home owners keep their chimneys clean and safe with yearly inspections. The fall is a good time for an inspection, to get your fireplace ready for the winter ahead. If you get your inspection done in the spring, at the end of the cold weather, at least make sure to check the chimney again for anything that could block it over the summer months. Twigs, leaves and debris are all a hazard if they block the top of your chimney. Nesting birds cause problems, too, when nests cover the chimney top.

Princeton Chimney Masonry Repair | Chimney Cap

A professionally installed chimney cap with a mesh can keep your chimney clear of unwanted materials, and unwanted visitors like birds and small animals such as squirrels. You want to keep your chimney clear at all times. A chimney cap will also keep rain from going down the chimney, which can cause water damage to your home’s interior. Water in the chimney can cause a lot of structural damage. Just as water on your chimney’s exterior can weaken masonry, water running down your chimney can damage the flue lining. It can damage ceilings and walls. Water inside and outside your chimney is constantly freezing and thawing. This creates a lot of expanding and shrinking of materials, causing them to deteriorate.

If you have not had your chimney inspected in a while, don’t delay. Regular inspections will keep your home safe. If your chimney does not have a cap, talk to a chimney specialist about the advantages of installing one for your home. Chimney masonry repair and inspections are something best left to the professionals. If you suspect any problems within your chimney, or any structural problems, contact a Princeton chimney masonry repair specialist. We are here to keep your home safe and warm.

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