Chimney Cleaning Tips

Chimney Cleaning Tips

If you have a fireplace in your home I’m sure you are more than aware of the maintenance and upkeep involved. First and foremost it is always best to have a professional West Windsor Chimney Sweep  come and check your fireplace and chimney to make sure everything is in order and safe for use.

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West Windsor Chimney Sweep  |How a Professional Does It

When you have a professional technician come in to inspect and clean your chimney the first thing they will do is put down a drop sheet to keep the soot off the floor. They will also strategically place lighting in the fireplace and chimney for a better view. They will need to plug in some kind of vacuum and will have different brushes among other tools used for cleaning and inspecting.

What Do They Inspect?

The quality of the bricks within your fireplace will need to be checked. They will look to see if you have regular bricks or if your fireplace and chimney were lined with high temperature resistant bricks. If it is regular bricks they will suggest to remove them because they will, if they haven’t already, begin to crack and erode from the heat. They will inspect also the metal bar that is across the top looking to make sure that it is at the right height and placement.

West Windsor Chimney Sweeps | Procedures For Cleaning

First of all they need to make sure to have either a mask or some sort of respirator to filter the air and their breathing from the creosote. While it may be good to sprinkle on your flowers for nutrients, it is not good for your lungs. Creosote is a flammable substance, so while it is of course going to build up within your chimney it needs to be cleaned periodically because of too much builds up it could ignite from the heat and cause serious damage.

Now, with a vacuum going and with the brushes and tools at the ready they will clean down the walls inside your fireplace and chimney. Making sure that the damper is open to the right position, they will also clean the damper ledge to get rid of creosote build up.

Inspecting the Outside

Next, they will inspect the outside of the chimney. Looking for any kind of wear or anything that may be blocking it. If you have trees on your property you want to be sure to trim them to avoid them blocking or falling and damaging your chimney and home itself. If there isn’t already one in place they will install a chimney cap. These are in place to block out anything that may try to get in, whether it be rain, debris, or even animals looking for a home. The cap keeps it out and the mesh around the cap acts to protect from sparks.

When Looking for a Professional

You always, no matter what kind of service you are looking for, want to check for certification. You want to be sure that whoever you hire is up to date on all the safety codes and conduct when dealing with your fireplace and chimney. You need to also be sure they are insured, whether it is damage to your home or to one of their workers you always want to make sure you are covered.

So if you have not had maintenance done, or if you have but you are starting to smell an odor from the fireplace then it is time to call a West Windsor Chimney Sweep.

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