Chimney Basics

Chimney Basics


When you are a homeowner you become well aware of the investment worth of your home, from how much you paid for your house to the amount of money you put into renovations to boost its value. There are many things people look for when buying homes, a lot of it being the fine details and condition of your house. One major eye appeal though is the fireplace. Its the beauty of it, the sentimental idea of it, its a vocal point for a home and many people want one. So whether you are looking to be in your home for the long haul, or you know that eventually you might want to sell and move on to your next dream, you want to be sure your chimney is in good condition. You should find the best Trenton chimney sweep, but even if not, here are 3 chimney basics you all should know.

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  1. Trenton Chimney Sweep | What Type of Chimney Do I Have?

    I am sure by now you have realized that there are different types of chimneys, and knowing which kind you have is essential to the care and maintenance of your fireplace. There are the three main types of chimneys:
    Single-walled Metal- This type of chimney is seen mostly in much older homes. It is  single piped chimney coming out the top of your home with a circular top.
    Masonry- As we all know what masons are, you can rightfully assume that masonry fireplaces are the common fireplaces we see in homes. You will see the brick built chimney coming out of the top of your home.
    Pre-fabricated Metal – Also known as factory built, these kinds of fireplaces are mostly used in commercial buildings.

  2. How Are My Bricks?

    Not many people realize this but the bricks used to build your chimney is not the same as the kind that is used to build the rest of your house! The bricks that should be used when building a fireplace should be fire resistant, able to withstand up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, not only do the bricks need to be specialized bricks, but the mortar used also needs to be heat resistant to protect for deterioration. Now, whether your chimney has been built with the proper materials or not, you want to be sure to periodically check your fireplace and chimney. You want to look up the inside your chimney and check for bricks and mortar that may be crumbling or decaying, and if this is the case you need to look into hiring a professional to come in and repair your chimney.

  3. Trenton Chimney Sweep | How Is My Flue?

    How well is your chimney ventilating? When you have a fire this winter if you notice smoke filling up in your living room, even  if it is only a little bit, then you are probably having a venting issue. The flue is the ventilation for your chimney and it is inside the lining, which is a liner that protects your chimney from heat and flammable products of the fire, of your chimney allowing the smoke and gasses to exit the home safely. A key note to keep in mind is to always make sure before having a fire that your chimney flue is open! If it is open and you still seem to be having smoke billow back into the room, or weird odors, it is probably time to reach out and hire a professional Trenton Chimney Sweep. Or, if you know how, you can clean the debris and creosote out of your chimney yourself, but be sure to use the proper care and safety methods when doing so!

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