Princeton Chimney Sweep – Tips for Hiring

Princeton Chimney Sweep – Tips for Hiring

Getting regular (once or twice a year) chimney maintenance for your Princeton NJ area home is very important for the safety of your family and the efficiency of your fireplace or wood stove. Unfortunately, it is often times overlooked. The very best person to handle your annual chimney maintenance is a professional and certified Princeton chimney sweep. Here are a few tips on how to go about hiring a chimney sweep.

Hiring a Princeton Chimney Sweep

Hiring a Princeton Chimney Sweep | Choose on service

Prices should be fairly constant across the industry and you need to base your selection on the level of service offered. Search around online for multiple local Princeton chimney sweep services to get an idea of “the norm”. Don’t choose a chimney sweep solely for the cheapest price.

Hiring a Princeton Chimney Sweep | Certifications matter

Always be sure that you are hiring a certified sweep. When dealing with a large company as opposed to an individual, it pays to be sure that the person performing the actual work is certified.

Hiring a Princeton Chimney Sweep | Look for experience

Find out how long they have been in business and more specifically, how many years of experience the individual Princeton chimney sweep has.

Hiring a Princeton Chimney Sweep | Check the BBB

Look up the company in the Better Business Bureau to be sure that there are no outstanding or unresolved claims with the company. You can get a lot of valuable information on a company by looking through the BBB.

Hiring a Princeton Chimney Sweep | Liability insurance

This is perhaps the most important tip. Ask about liability insurance and be sure that the firm is covered should an accident or damage occur while they are performing the maintenance. If not, you will be responsible for any injuries on the job or damages to your home. Also be sure that any equipment they are using is up to date and will offer you the best overall clean for your hearth.

Once you have found a reputable and reliable Princeton chimney sweep, keep their contact information handy. It’s important to have the same company back each year for chimney maintenance. That way you can have a more accurate gauge of the condition your chimney and fireplace is in.

Local Princeton Chimney Sweep | What is the number one reason to keep your chimney clean?

Home owners are painfully aware of the threat that chimney fires pose to their homes and families. Chimney inspections are designed to detect and prevent this from happening. You should know and record the date of your chimney inspection and cleaning. Are you concerned about the state of the chimney on your new home? Do you have a copy of the records from the last inspection and cleaning from the closing?

You don’t want to take chances with your home or family. Preventing fires is the number one reason to have your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly. Home owners can check with their insurance companies for discounts related to home safety inspections. Your local fire company is a great source for information to share with your family and community.

Local Princeton Chimney Sweep | Are there other good reasons for cleaning the chimney before the fall?

Home owners should be aware of what takes place inside their chimneys when they’re not in use. Have you noticed more insects around the top of the chimney this summer? Do you have any strange or unpleasant smells emanating from the fire place? Are there any critters scurrying about that like dark dusty hiding spots?

You probably clean your fireplace after the winter season is over. Doesn’t clean smell better? Your fireplace flu has a lot of buildup. Is this a great environment for insects to nest? Home owners like it when they control who is living in their home. You don’t want visitors nesting in your chimney. Getting your chimney cleaned prevents unwanted pests from gathering. Having a clean chimney smells a lot better as well.

Local Princeton Chimney Sweep | Why is this a job for the professionals?

Home owners are sometimes an adventurous bunch but they soon learn where to draw the line. Are you willing to invest in the professional equipment that makes chimney cleaning possible? Does having the equipment make it any less of a filthy, disgusting job? You want to ensure that the chimney is both clean and safe. Isn’t it easier to trust in a company that can clean, inspect and verify the safety of your chimney? You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can use your fireplace safely come winter.

Finding your local Princeton chimney sweep is as easy as scheduling them for a visit. Summertime is the season for sun, surf and swimming. Our company looks at summertime as ‘tis the season’ for sweeping and cleaning chimneys. We take pride in the work we do and treat each and every customer like family. You can call us today and schedule an appointment that conveniently fits your summer plans. We encourage you not to put this off beyond September. No one can predict an early fall but we can guarantee a busy one. We look forward to serving you and hope you have a pleasant summer.

Looking for the Best Princeton Chimney Sweep?

In business for more than 15 years, St. John Chimney Sweeps is the only name you need to know for full-service chimney and fireplace sweeping and installation in the Princeton, New Jersey, area. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and a no-mess guarantee. Most products also come with a lifetime warranty. Feel free to contact us to inquire about free estimates. Our employees have undergone extensive training and earned certificates, which enable them to do your job with full expertise. We are honest and efficient, providing thorough explanations for all our work. Our licensed and insured company is also a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). Service towns in the Mercer County NJ area include: Princeton, Pennington, Lambertville, Hopewell, Hightstown, East Windsor, West Windsor, Lawrence, Robbinsville, and many more. For more information, you can call today at (609) 737-0133 or visit the website.

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