West Windsor Chimney Sweeping Service

Regularly opting for West Windsor chimney sweeping service will help your residence feel clean and will allow you to avoid various issues that arise from a dirty chimney. Not sure if your chimney needs a cleaning? Below are a few signs that it’s time for West Windsor chimney sweeping service.

Signs That You Need West Windsor Chimney Sweeping Service

  • Cold Air or Strange Odors: If you notice a draft of cold air or strange odors coming from the room where your fireplace is, it’s time for West Windsor chimney sweeping service. Creosote is a material that remains once wood or kindling has been burned in the chimney, and it can build up if the amenity isn’t cleaned regularly. Creosote can clog your chimney and keep the flue from closing properly. This can allow cold air to rush through your chimney, and the wind will bring with it the strange odors into your home.
  • Slow to Start: When you light a fire, do you notice a delay before the flame is lit? Additionally, does the fire not burn vibrantly once it’s caught on? These are additional signs that you’re in the should consider West Windsor chimney sweeping service. Debris, creosote, and ashes can clog your fireplace and chimney, leading to slower starting times.
  • Smoke Issues: Lastly, when lighting a fire, be wary of smoke in your home. If your chimney is backed up with creosote or debris, smoke can get trapped inside it and filter back into your home. Smoke can then fill the room where the chimney is. If left untreated for too long, it can then seep into the entire house. This is a major health hazard for you and your family that should be avoided at all costs.

Looking for Excellent West Windsor Chimney Sweeping Service?

If you are looking for the best West Windsor chimney sweeping service, you’ve come to the right place! For well over 20 years, St John has been providing hundreds of satisfied homeowners with safe chimneys and cozy winters. Our licensed and insured company is also a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and most of our quality products come with a lifetime warranty. St John is an honest family owned company that takes pride in our positive reputation in the community. For a free Hopewell Chimney Inspection estimate, contact now at (609) 737-0133 or visit the website.

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