New Hope Chimney Sweep

New Hope Chimney Sweep

New Hope Chimney SweepUnfortunately, there are some New Hope chimney sweep companies that are scammers. As the cold weather begins to approach, the scammers come out and try to take your money for services they are not trained to provide. As with any service you have done, you should make sure you are as educated as possible so that you can make an informed decision and not be taken advantage of. To help you, here are some common New Hope chimney sweep scams.

Avoiding New Hope Chimney Sweep Scams

  • Too good to be true pricing. A legitimate New Hope chimney sweep won’t take a ladder off the truck for $49.95. You have to consider equipment, payroll, liability insurance, gas, etc. Depending on your area, an inspection and sweep can cost around $200.00. If you were quoted something significantly higher or lower it should raise a flag. Scammers are famous for using a super low discount to get their foot in the door so they can tell you that you need something more, like selling you a $1,500.00 stainless steel liner for $5,000.00.
  • Being pressured into fast action. Professionals don’t use scare tactics. If you have had this problem for a year, two or three more days won’t hurt you. Shop around and get a few bids before you make your decision regarding which New Hope chimney sweep to use. Don’t just go with the lowest bid either, check references. Cheaper isn’t always best.
  • Lack of pictures or proof of work. Most legit New Hope chimney sweep companies are trained to take pictures from start to finish. They often click a picture of their work order and the outside of the house and the next picture in line is their chimney. If your chimney technician tells you that you have a problem, they should be able to show you that problem as well.
  • Is their truck professionally lettered and are they in the phone book or listed in local Google search? Many scam artist travel from state to state like Gypsies. A legit, local New Hope chimney sweep will have signage on their vehicle that is not removable. Think about it, if a company is traveling from area to area it’s a lot easier to change a door magnet vs. professionally lettering with a local phone number. Also, do a Google search for the company name and the town they say they are from. If they have been around for more than 6 months, you can be sure you will find them via a Google search.
  • Check for State license and National certifications. Make sure you verify that whoever is coming to your home has proper licensing for the state you reside.

Looking for the Best New Hope Chimney Sweep?

St. John Chimney Sweeps has been servicing the Ewing area. We take pride in our efficient no-mess services and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you are looking for quality that cannot be surpassed, contact St John Chimney Sweeps today. Our licensed and insured company is also a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). We look forward to working with you. Call now for a free estimate at: (609) 737-0133 or visit our website.

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