Local Hightstown Chimney Sweep

Local Hightstown Chimney Sweep

Are you looking for a great local Hightstown chimney sweep? Unfortunately, there’s no general rule for how often you should get your chimney cleaned. It varies per house depending on usage and the amount of oxygen burning in your fires. Failure to get your chimney cleaned when it needs to be opens up your home to a lot of risks. Here are the major reasons why you should always make sure your chimney is clean and ready for a fire.

Why You Need a Local Hightstown Chimney Sweep

The major risk of having a dirty chimney is a chimney fire. They often go unnoticed and can be extremely dangerous if not taken care of. They may have a different effect on your home depending on the type of chimney that you have, but none of what happens is good regardless. Chimney fires may have the following effects depending on your chimney:

  • Masonry: Chimney fires burn hot and can do heavy damage. Mortar may melt, the masonry itself may collapse and tile may break as well. The real danger comes in the potential for the fire to break through the masonry to the frame of your home. Once the fire touches wood you’ll need a lot more than a local Hightstown chimney sweep to take care of what will follow.
  • Metal: Metal chimneys may be able to withstand the power of a chimney fire a bit better than masonry. They are produced with the ability to handle very high temperatures with minimal damage. This doesn’t mean that you’ll escape with no damage whatsoever, but you may be a bit safer with a metal chimney in general. If your metal chimney does sustain damage, it should be replaced ASAP before another use.

Professional Local Hightstown Chimney Sweep

Are You Looking for a Great Local Hightstown Chimney Sweep?

Finding a trustworthy local Hightstown chimney sweep is very important for homeowners with chimneys. The risk is too great for you to try and put off finding one. St. John is the only name you need to know in any fireplace related needs you may have. For over 15 years they’ve offered professional sweeping and installation services for countless homeowners. For more information on their services, contact them today at (609)737-0133 or visit the website!

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