There are 5 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney in Spring! Winter is coming to an end and it is time to think about scheduling your annual chimney cleaning appointment. Your fireplace and chimney need to be cleaned out and made safe. You may need a Mercer County chimney sweep. There are numerous reasons why cleaning your chimney is important. Here are some of them.

5 Reasons To Clean Your Chimney in Spring

5 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney in Spring | Prevention

Chimney fires can happen at any time. They can be big or small. A chimney inspection is always needed in case there is a potential for a fire.  The main reason why chimney fires start is because of buildup in the chimney. Creosote is a residue that when it gets hot can be very combustible. The condensation sticks to the inside walls of the chimney which at the end leaves a residue.

5 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney in Spring | Blockages

Soot and creosote buildup can create a blockage in the chimney. It can block the airflow causing a fire. Wood and gas fireplaces can produce toxic air pollutants. A properly functioning chimney makes sure that these toxins stay out of your home. Leaves and debris can fall into the chimney and create a blockage. If a chimney has a blockage can cause a buildup of gases which could be deadly and poisoning. When a chimney is cleaned you are protecting your home and family.

5 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney in Spring | Odors

If you are noticing some odor coming from your chimney, it may be time to clean it. There could be excessive buildup of residue that are producing odors. Even if the fireplace is not being used a buildup can produce odors. Clearing out any buildup in the chimney and fireplace at the end of Winter will greatly reduce the amount of odor coming from your fireplace during the Summer months. Your overall air quality will improve also.

5 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney in Spring | Damaged Liners and More

When you have a chimney inspection, it can reveal if there is any damaged liners or flue. A professional technician can provide you with information on any problems you may be experiencing and recommend any fixing that needs to be done.

5 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney in Spring | Be Proactive

It is better to be proactive about scheduling your chimney inspection during the Spring months. The availability is greater since most people are not using their fireplaces at this time. Professional chimney sweep companies are usually very busy during the Fall months getting things ready for the harsh Winters. Having your chimney and fireplace cleaned and being maintained will help keep your fireplace in good working order and will also keep your home and family safe. Give you and your family peace of mind and have your chimney and fireplace fully cleaned out so you can enjoy a warm fire and be ready for the first day of Winter for that year. Make your chimney maintenance a priority this Spring season.

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