Do you have a wood or coal burning fireplace? If so then you have fireplace that will need to maintained and cleaned regularly.  Every family loves a warm fire on a cold winter night, but each fire leaves deposits of soot among other sticky chemicals along the flue pipe of you chimney. These things are highly flammable and need to be cleaned out periodically. Here are some Hopewell Chimney Sweep tips to know if your chimney needs to be cleaned!
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1.Hopewell Chimney Sweep | Does your fire light slowly?

If your fire is taking long to light and when lit it is unable to burn at a strong flame, then that is a good sign you may need to have your fireplace cleaned.

2. Is there smoke filling the room when a fire is lit?

If your fire is creating smoke that is coming out into the room, then it is unable to properly go through the chimney and be released. This is another good tell that you desperately need to have your chimney cleaned. A build up of soot and creosote can be dangerous, and when left uncleaned it could be the cause of a fire backing up your chimney, putting you and your family in danger.

3. Is there smoke filling the house when a fire is lit?

If it has reached the point that not only one room may fill with smoke but it starts filling into other rooms then this is a definite sign you need to have you chimney cleaned. This is not something you want to delay. If you have reached this point then it is imperative if you would like to continue to be able to use your fireplace, that you have it swept. Be safe and call or look into more information for your fireplace needs.

4. Can you feel cold air, and do you smell and foul odors?

When you have no fire going and you have a chance, go up to your fireplace and examine it. Do you feel cold air flow coming through? Do you smell any awful smells? These are both signs that you should have someone come in and sweep your chimney. Try to be aware of these things as a home owner with a fireplace.

Hopewell Chimney Sweep | Do Not Delay

I know many of us might only have a fire once a year during the holiday season, if we are blessed to have enough time in our busy schedules to do so. It may be a luxury, but to keep your chimney clean and in well working condition, it is a necessity. If you are a homeowner then you are well aware that your house is an investment. You have put money into it and one day whether it be you or your children, you are going to be looking to either get money back from this investment or past it on for generations. Do you not want to keep it in the up most condition as possible? Well taking care of your chimney is a part of that maintenance. When a family is looking to purchase a home and they always wanted that beautiful fireplace, they are going to ask if it has been maintained and well taken care of. So do not continue to push off having your chimney cleaned. Hopewell Chimney Sweep is a Mercer County Chimney Sweep company that is here for you. Don’t push it off until a routine maintenance becomes a big issue that costs much more money and time to fix. You want your investment, more importantly your home, to be safe, secure, and clean.

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