Mercer County chimney repair is very important if your chimney stops functioning properly. If your chimney becomes cracked or has holes in it, you are running the risk of a dangerous house fire. There are many precautions you can take to avoid needing chimney repair. Below are some chimney care tips that will help keep your family and home safe as you continue to use your fireplace.

Mercer County Chimney Repair

Mercer County Chimney Repair Tips

Burn dry wood only! The best type of wood for a clean fire is split wood that has been dried for at least six months before burning. While your wood is drying, make sure to cover the top of the log pile to prevent excess moisture from soaking into the wood.  You should leave the sides uncovered as to not prevent the airflow from the wood. The best types of wood to burn are hard woods such as hickory, oak, beech, and maple, however, the dryness of the wood is more important than the species. Softer wood such as pine can burn well if it is very dry, however it will burn very quickly and you will go through wood very quickly.

Avoid wood that is contaminated with chemicals.  Paint, laminates, and other treatments can release harmful chemicals into your chimney flue.  These substances can cause a buildup of soot and combustable substances in your chimney that can lead to damage. It is ok to use a starter log to get your fire going, but try to use as much real wood as possible. Also, never use more than one starter log at a time!

Mercer County Chimney Repair | Keep Your Chimney Clean

Always ensure that your chimney cap is properly installed. The chimney cap prevents things from outside get into your chimney. The caps prevent things from entering but have vents to allow smoke to escape. Debris, rain, snow and ice can all be hazardous to your chimney, it is in your best interest to prevent those things from entering your chimney flue.

Make sure to schedule your annual chimney inspection/chimney sweep.  If you make sure that your chimney is kept clean and inspected every year, you will not be surprised with damages that need immediate attention. These regular inspections can improve efficiency and greatly decrease the amount of heating dollars you’re sending up the chimney. Additionally, the recumbent of smoke will increase your enjoyment of time near the fire.

To burn fire safely, build it slowly, adding more wood as it heats and keeping your damper completely open to increase draw in the early stages. Burn the fire hot, at least occasionally—with the damper all the way open to help prevent smoke from lingering the fireplace and creosote from developing.
By the way, fireplaces aren’t officially rated for energy efficiency because they’re so varied. Depending on the source of information, they can be 10% to 30% efficient in converting fuel to heat.

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Mercer County chimney repair company, St. John Chimney Sweeps is a comprehensive chimney and fireplace company for both residential and commercial customers throughoutMercer County. We specialize in chimney repair services to ensure that your fireplace and chimney remain healthy, functional and enjoyable. Each one of our highly trained and certified staff are professional, courteous, and are experienced in the chimney industry. If you have any questions, or want to know how to get started, call us today at (609) 737-0133 for estimates on our chimney installation and sweeping services.

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