Mercer County Chimney Sweep Service is vital to keeping your chimney in full working order year after year. If you want to get the most out of your fireplace or wood burning stove, having your chimney swept once or twice annually will provide you with the comfort and safety you and your family needs. In reality, many homeowners neglect their chimneys and do not have them inspected or swept on a regular basis.  This can lead to many risks including a fire. If you want to enjoy fires while remaining safe, contact your local certified Mercer County chimney sweep company today. Below is some helpful advice to help you find the best chimney sweep company n your area:

Hiring a Mercer County Chimney Sweep

  • Mercer County Chimney SweepWhat services does the company offer? Although most Mercer County chimney sweep companies charge around the same price for their services, you need to be wary of what exactly you are getting when you hire them. Not all chimney sweeps offer the same services. Look around the internet for different local Mercer County chimney sweep services to find out what services you are paying for when you hire a company. Shop wisely and never settle for a company based solely on the price.
  • Is the company fully certified? As you search for the best company to handle your chimney, make sure that you hire a fully certified chimney sweep. This is especially true when working with a bigger company as opposed to a sole proprietor. You don’t want to run the risk of having shady work done that is not guaranteed.
  • Does the company have experience? Before you hire any company, check to see how long they have been in business.  You shouldn’t hire a company that has less than 5 years of experience. If you can find online reviews or customer testimonials, read as many as you can.  You can also ask neighbors, friends and coworkers in your area if they have had any experience working with the company in question.
  • Check out the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see how the company in question ranks. The BBB does a great job keeping track of reputable companies in your local area. You can also find out if the company has a past record of being reliable and if there are any unresolved issues involving he company. You can find lots of valuable info just by looking through the Better Business Bureau website.
  • Does the company have liability insurance? Insurance is probably the most important thing to look for in a company. Before you hire any company, ask them to present documentation proving that they are fully insured. Insurance guarantees that the company in question is completely covered in the event of an accident or if property damage occurs during the job.  If the company does not have insurance, you may end up being held responsible for any injuries on the job or damages to your house.

After you find a company with a good reputation, you can confidently hire them knowing that you made an informed decision. Having the same company perform maintenance year after year is beneficial to you because they will know of any past damages or work that has been done. This insures that you have accurate gauge of the condition your chimney and fireplace is in.

Looking for the Best Mercer County Chimney Sweep?

St. John Chimney Sweeps has been providing satisfied home owners with Mercer County Chimney Sweep services for well over 15 years. We pride ourselves in our 100% customer satisfaction no-mess guarantee. Many of our quality products have a lifetime warranty. We are honest and efficient, providing thorough explanations for all our work. Our licensed and insured company is also a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). Call now for a free estimate at: (609) 737-0133 or visit our website.

Mercer County Chimney Sweeps

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