For some, the first mental image at the phrase “chimney sweep” is some Dickson-era orphan asking guv’ner for spare change. However, the art of chimney sweeping is not limited to the bygone age of coal production and child labor. People still own chimneys, and those chimneys still need to be swept. So, if your home has a chimney that it uses, are you keeping it clean? Remember, poor old Santa Claus must jump down that thing every year. Do you want Santa Claus to come down your flute looking ready to pop into “Oliver Twist”? That sort of poor chimney maintenance puts you on the naughty list for sure. So, if you live in Mercer County, a Mercer county chimney sweeping service is right for you. Call a Princeton Area chimney sweep today.

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A clean chimney is important for home safety. Chimney fires are a series hazard to the health of you, your family, and your home. Not to mention poor Santa Claus. When your chimney fills up with chemicals and soot and other such residue, it becomes dangerous. So cleaning the chimney regularly prevents the risk of the chimney catching fire. It keeps your home safer, and means you can relax by the fire in peace. You can roast your chestnuts, warm and sated from all fears of spontaneous combustion.

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Keeping your chimney clear helps the chimney run more efficiently. Without all the blockage, you do not have to use excessive amounts of wood. The chimney will do its purpose, and the heat will have somewhere to escape too. If you forget to regularly sweep the chimney, then serious damage can occur. The chimney will malfunction, and expensive repairs will be needed. Also, by keeping your chimney clean, you can spot small problem areas early. And you can also prevent them from spreading.

You do not need to clean the chimney all day every day. How often you use the chimney should be proportionate to how often you clean out its flumes. Once a year is likely often enough for most fireplace situations. We are, again, not in the 18th century where we need a wood-burning fireplace to brew up gruel. And then deny seconds of said gruel to orphans. In the long run, hiring a chimney sweep once a year is likely to pay off. You will be spared all avoidable expenses of chimney repairs.

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Conceivably, it is possible to clean your own chimney. But it is a messy, potentially dangerous job. And you are likely to get soot in your hair. Professional chimney sweeps no more than just how to step-in-time. They have the know-how to get all the problem areas. Clean up all the grit and build-up. Keep themselves safe when on the roof of your home. Remember, just because Santa Claus has no problem being up there, does not mean you will find it as easy.

Dirty chimneys are dangerous. Dirty chimneys do not run properly. And dirty chimneys are gross. If you own a chimney, it is important as a good homeowner and caretaker to look after the poor thing. And if you, understandably, are not eager to get involved in such a messy situation, there are professionals. Simply call up your local Princeton Area Chimney Sweep for all your chimney sweeping needs. They are more than qualified to do the job and do it right. It will protect your home, your family, and keep you nice and toasty during the winter months.

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