Searching for the best Robbinsville Chimney Sweeps company? You need a Mercer County chimney sweep company. Having a clean chimney is very important and has many benefits for you and your family. Chimney’s should be inspected and cleaned annually as part of your home’s maintenance. The chimney throughout the year get dirty and filled with items that can be toxic to you and your family to breathe in. It also protects your home against fire. Before hiring a chimney cleaning company always make sure that the company is certified and has a license for sweeping a chimney.

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Robbinsville Chimney Sweeps | Safety

A clean chimney keeps out poisonous gases and fumes from coming into your home. It also lengthens the life of the chimney. Any problems with the chimney will be noticed early before a problem gets bigger. Being aware of any problems and taking care of them early can prevent extensive repairs and higher costs. When a chimney is not working correctly, there is a potential for monoxide gas to escape into the home and harming you and your family. Also, having a chimney cleaned often can prevent creosote build-up inside which can cause fires. This happens with burning an excessive amount of wood and having it build up where the fumes have nowhere to go.

Robbinsville Chimney Sweeps | Unwanted Odor

When a chimney is not properly cleaned, soot will build up inside and around the flue preventing a black dust from escaping out and just settling in the fireplace. This soot can get on your floor, furniture and clothing. A cleaned chimney can stop any unwanted odors or smoke from entering the home and getting onto your clothing and furniture. Getting your chimney cleaned often can help keep energy costs low, since it will work more efficiently. You will be able to use your heating system less while using your fireplace. Dirty chimneys are unhealthy and unsafe. To make sure you and your family enjoy all the benefits of a clean chimney and fireplace, schedule a chimney sweeping with St John’s Chimney Sweeps today!

Robbinsville Chimney Sweeps | Process

So, what happens during a chimney sweep? Hiring a professional to come to your home and do a chimney sweep is followed by an inspection. A professional would check the chimney bricks and mortar looking and making sure there are no signs of chipping or cracking. A complete cleaning of the inside of your chimney is followed by an inspection to see if there are any internal damage. Checking the chimney crown and chimney cap to see if there is any deterioration is important. Part of the inspection is checking the seal and gap between the chimney and roof. Evaluating any discoloration on the bricks and checking the damper to make sure it opens and closes correctly is extremely important.

Looking for the best Robbinsville Chimney Sweep? Contact St John’s Chimney Sweeps today! We perform all types of chimney inspections, cleaning and repairs. St John’s Chimney Sweeps has been in business for over 15 years. We are a full-service chimney and fireplace sweeping and installation company. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and our products come with a lifetime warranty. Our employees go through extensive training and have earned certificates which allow them to do their job with expertise. Our licensed and insured company is also a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. We offer a complete satisfaction for all our winter chimney sweeps services. Give us a call today at (609)737-0133 and find out how many homeowners have put their trust in our company. We look forward to serving your chimney needs.

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