Do you enjoy a crackling fire in your fireplace at home? There is nothing quite like it. A fireplace gives off a homey atmosphere, a warming glow, and a cozy feel to any room. It provides a warm, comfortable place to settle down in front of on long winter nights. If you have a fireplace, however, you also have a chimney. While you are in your home enjoying your fireplace, how is the chimney doing outside your home? Have you looked for signs your chimney needs repair? Maybe it needs the professional help of a Mercer County chimney repair service.

Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

Moisture | Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

The culprit for most chimney problems is moisture. Any moisture that can squeeze its way between your chimney and the masonry can pose a big problem. All that moisture trapped up at the chimney level can freeze, then thaw out, causing stress on the masonry. This could lead to big problems for your chimney, possibly ending in its collapse. If you see any damage to your mortar joints, this could be a sign your chimney is in need of repair.

Crumbling Masonry | Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

If you see any sign of flaking or peeling masonry, there is probably moisture between the chimney and masonry material. This is a sign that the moisture is damaging the masonry, which can result in loss of support to your chimney. This crumbling, or breaking off, is known as spalling. Spalling materials such as bricks are easy to identify because they will be popping off the chimney. If it is obvious that tiles or bricks have crumbled or popped off, there is a good chance your chimney needs repair and waterproofing.

Water Seeping in the Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is designed to keep unwanted things out of your chimney. It will protect it from things like water, debris, such as leaves and sticks, and even small animals or birds. You cannot tell if the chimney crown is damaged unless you get on the roof. Unlike bricks falling into your yard, a very obvious sign of damage, the chimney crown will require closer inspection for problems. Over time, a chimney crown can become deteriorated, especially if it is made of mortar. The elements will take a toll on a mortar chimney crown, resulting in a need for a replacement.

Signs of Moisture Inside

If there is moisture in your chimney, it will not only appear at the roofline. Any rust appearing on your damper or your firebox are a sure sign of moisture. Rust on the damper will mean operating it will be hard, and it probably will not easily seal. If you suspect any moisture problems, you need to contact a specialist, just as you would for obvious exterior problems. This excess moisture, which is causing problems with the damper, could also result in cracked flue tiles. This is particularly dangerous, as a build-up of heat could end in a house fire. Another sign of chimney moisture, is damage to any wallpaper near the chimney. Damp and peeling wallpaper close to your chimney are a tell-tale sign of needed chimney repair.

Rain, snow, sleet, the freezing and thawing of water on your chimney, all take a toll over time. If your chimney has any evidence of damage from moisture, these are signs your chimney needs repair. Do not hesitate, contact a Mercer County chimney repair service today. Keep your family safe, and get your chimney inspected right away. Then you can relax in front of a cozy fire, confident that your chimney is in good shape.

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