Does Santa Claus need a clean Chimney?

Does Santa Claus need a clean Chimney?

Santa Claus is coming to town – and soon!  You better make sure your chimney is safe for the big man’s arrival.  How may you ask?  We’ve made a list for you – it’s time for you to check it twice!


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Do you have a chimney cap?  While it might make things more difficult for him to squeeze down the chimneychimney caps also keep animals and other debris from getting into the chimney.  If you don’t have a chimney cap, you should get one up soon!  Don’t worry, Santa’s magic powers will still let him slip in!

Is your flashing adequate?  Flashing is placed around the chimney to prevent leaks.  It keeps water from getting between the chimney and roof.  You definitely want to make sure your flashing is checked before we get hit with any snow.

Is the mortar on your chimney intact?  The mortar is what holds bricks together in brick chimneys.  Mortar can deteriorate over time, so be sure that you have it checked every so often.
Take a look inside the chimney.  Is it clean?  Are there any nests?  Often, buildup accumulates inside the chimney.  Also check to see if there are loose, missing or crumbling tiles.

Keep the area near your chimney clear for Santa’s sleigh!  If you have any trees near the chimney, make sure its branches are at least 15 feet away.



Consider having a chimney inspection to make certain your chimney is safe.  A reputable, licensed chimney sweep company can take a look inside your chimney with a camera to see if there are any signs that repairs are needed so Santa can make a safe arrival!

Our recommendation is to address smaller items now to make the chimney safe for Santa and prevent any major issues but delay any extensive work on the interior until summer when prices can be lower.

Keep in mind that many chimney companies recommend work that does not need to be done, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us for our opinion.  We’re always happy to help you and any of your friends and family with anything chimney related!


Does Santa Claus need a clean Chimney?

As we head into peak fireplace season, bear these tips in mind:

Keep the area in front of the fireplace clear of paper and debris.  It can be tempting during the holidays to place decorations and gifts close to the fireplace but keep them at a safe distance.

Don’t burn your Christmas tree (pine creates more creosote) or throw wrapping paper, boxes, or trash into the fireplace.  This may be fun, but it can be dangerous!

When cleaning out the fireplace after the big day, place the embers in a metal container and allow them to cool outside for 24 hours before disposal.

Of course, every home should maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside and outside of bedrooms.  Replace the batteries each season and test them regularly.  Replace your detectors every ten years.


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Get your chimney ready for Santa Claus

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