If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, now winter is here, you are probably enjoying it daily. There is nothing quite like coming home through wind and snow to the crackle and cheer of a roaring fire. A fireplace creates warmth, comfort, and adds a cozy glow to the room. If you are using your fireplace more, however, you are using your chimney more. If you do have a fireplace, and consequently, a chimney, make sure your chimney is clean and safe this winter season. A reputable chimney sweep and repair company inspects, cleans, and makes any necessary repairs to your chimney. A chimney sweep company inspects the chimney and the chimney caps. Why is cleaning of chimney caps important? Chimney caps keep out unwanted animals and debris, keeping your chimney clear. So for chimney and cap inspection, contact local West Windsor chimney sweeps today.

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A bright fire blazing in a fireplace can be an object of beauty and comfort. A fire in the chimney, on the other hand, is a scary prospect. Over time, creosote can build up in the chimney, becoming a potential fire hazard. An increase of soot can block the flue, making the outside release of carbon monoxide fumes difficult. Buildup of excessive soot and creosote can have a negative impact on chimney masonry, too. All these factors increase the possibility of a chimney fire. Regular chimney and chimney cap inspections performed by a professional chimney sweep can prevent chimney fires.

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One purpose of a chimney cap is to keep the chimney free from small animals and leaves and small sticks. When you have a mesh cover over the cap, it can keep small mammals and birds from nesting inside the chimney. Birds and squirrels, especially, are apt to building cozy nests where people would rather they didn’t. Nesting materials can block the flue, becoming a fire hazard, or a blocked smoke hazard. It’s even worse if an animal dies in the chimney. Even without animals helping, debris like dead leaves and pine cones can find their way into the chimney.

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Chimney caps are not only beneficial for keeping animals and debris out of your chimney. Precipitation from rain and snow can fall into the top of your chimney. While this does not sound too detrimental, it can cause moisture to seep into your home. Constant freezing and thawing of moisture can cause stress to masonry and chimney linings. Rainwater coming down the chimney can damage liners and dampers. Unchecked moisture in your home can cause mildew to grow, and masonry to weaken. This unwanted moisture can cause wet patches on interior walls and ceilings, but chimney caps can prevent this.

Chimney caps are not a huge investment or improvement project, and the benefits speak for themselves. They keep invading animals from nesting in your chimney. Buildup of nesting materials can block flues, and become a fire hazard. Their new habitation might also invite other small mammals to join the party. Other rodents can smell the food stored in your chimney, and come and take up residence in your home. Chimney caps keep rain and snow from seeping into your chimney, and into your home. Regular chimney inspections can keep your chimney clear year round. You want your family to be safe and warm, and regular chimney maintenance does both. Call West Windsor chimney sweeps to schedule a chimney and chimney cap inspection today.

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