Mercer County chimney inspection is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home and family safe. If your chimney does not function properly, you run the risk of a deadly house fire. Lighting a fire inside your home fireplace needs to be approached with caution and care. Your chimney provides ventilation to keep your house from filling with smoke, carbon monoxide and soot particles. During a fire, all these things travel through your chimney flue to the outside of your home. Over time, these substances begin cling to the sides of the flue and can have a corrosive effect the brick or stone work of your chimney. This can be extraordinarily hazardous when combined with moisture because of a missing chimney cap or a leak.  Today we are going to be taking a look at chimney inspections; the different types of inspections and the importance of keeping your chimney clean and functional.

Mercer County Chimney Inspection | What is a Chimney Inspection?

To ensure that your chimney is working properly, the Chimney Safety Institution of America (CSIA) recommends yearly inspections to ensure that everything is working properly and to avoid the risk of chimney fire. You should always prioritize having your chimney inspected even if you are not suspicious of a problem.  Many times, it is not easy to detect the beginning if an issue.  There are three levels of chimney inspection.  If you are not noticing any problems such as cracks in the chimney, a missing cap, or a smokey house, you only need a preventative maintenance, also known as a level 1 chimney inspection.

Mercer County Chimney Inspection

Three Levels of Mercer County Chimney Inspection

Level 1 Inspection – If your chimney looks and functions the same way as it did last year, and there are no holes or cracks in the stone work, then a level 1 inspection is best for your situation. This type of inspection is for chimneys that have not undergone any changes during the last 12 months. Level 1 is also the way to go if you are not planning to change use of the chimney or the frequency of fires. This type of chimney service includes an inspection of the exterior and the readily accessible parts of the appliance and chimney connection. The chimney sweep company will look for the overall health of the structure and the flue. During a level 1 inspection, the flue is not cleaned, however your chimney sweep company will verify that it is free of blockages and combustable materials.  If you would also like your chimney swept, you can ask the technician when he comes.
Level 2 Inspection – This type of inspection involves a little bit more than a level 1. A level 2 inspection is recommended if there have been changes to the chimney including new appliances or changes in the type of fuel used for fires.  Level 2 inspection is also recommended if you have just purchased a home or if the home has been subject to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, or tornado.  In addition to everything included in a level 1 chimney inspection, level 2 will examine your chimney from the attic, basement and any smaller crawl space areas. The chimney sweep company will ensure that your chimney is free of damage and combustible materials, however, they will not open doors, panels, or coverings in this inspection. If the chimney sweep company finds a reason for concern during a level 2 inspection, they will probably recommend a level 3 inspection.

Level 3 Inspection –  This type of inspection is the most thorough inspection you can have done to your chimney. This includes uncovering certain areas of your home or chimney area to access to hard to reach areas. A level 3 inspection is performed only if there is serious structural damage or safety concerns.  After the thorough inspection, your chimney sweep company will determine the next steps that need to be taken to get your chimney back in working order as soon as possible.

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Mercer County chimney inspection company, St. John Chimney Sweeps is a comprehensive chimney and fireplace company for both residential and commercial customers throughoutMercer County. Every employee on our team is highly trained and fully certified, enabling us to perform our jobs with expertise. All staff members in the office are very professional, courteous, and are experienced in the chimney industry so we can answer all your questions. Contact us at (609) 737-0133 for estimates on our chimney installation and sweeping services.

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