If you have a fireplace, it follows you have a chimney. If you use your fireplace a lot, but haven’t cleaned it recently, you probably need a Mercer County chimney sweeping service. With all there is to do to clean and maintain a home, chimney care often gets put to the bottom of the list. Or completely overlooked all together. Regular chimney maintenance is important for the safety of your family and your home. A fireplace is a wonderful, cozy addition to your home, but your chimney works hard every time you light a fire. Its job is to carry smoke, soot and ash up and away from your home. It can only do that if kept clear, however. Regular inspections and scheduled cleanings are necessary to keep a chimney working safely. For all chimney services, call a Trenton area chimney sweep today.


Trenton Area Chimney Sweep | Regular Inspections and Cleaning

Regularly scheduled inspections are an important part of chimney care. While you are scheduling an annual cleaning for your chimney, make sure to schedule a thorough inspection. A reputable chimney sweeping company will inspect every aspect of your chimney during a regular inspection. They will make sure there are no blockages or signs of wear and tear, and that all vents are clear. Keeping your chimney clear and in good condition keeps your home and family safe, and reduces the risk of chimney fires. It is a good idea to schedule maintenance and cleaning in the spring, after a long winter’s use.

Trenton Area Chimney Sweep | Chimney Repair

Should a problem arise during an annual inspection, a professional chimney care expert can also carry out chimney repair. From repairing masonry outside the chimney, to cracks inside the flue, your local chimney sweep does it all. Cracks in the chimney crown, or in the masonry around the chimney can lead to water getting into your home. These cracks can allow water to seep into the chimney itself, or attic spaces around it. If you see damp spots in the attic, or running down walls by the chimney, you could have a chimney leak. Chimney repairs also include the replacement of warped, rusted flashing, which could cause a leak.

Trenton Area Chimney Sweep | Chimney Caps

If your chimney does not already have a chimney cap, most chimney professionals recommend the addition of one. Chimney caps act as a guard over the top of the chimney. They stop excess water and melting snow from getting down the chimney and into the home. They also help keep the chimney clear of wind-blown debris, such as leaves and twigs. Chimney caps also deter birds from nesting in the chimney during the warmer months, and prevent small animals from entering. Without a chimney cap, it is easy for squirrels and rodents to enter your home through the chimney.

You already know how warm and comforting a roaring fire in the hearth is, how cozy and cheery it is. You know you have to clean the fireplace after a blazing fire, and probably take good care of your fireplace. But to take care of the chimney, you need the services of a professional. Chimneys really need a professional chimney sweep to keep it clean and free from dangerous creosote buildup. Excess buildup could cause a chimney fire if left there. Unrepaired cracks can allow water to leak down the chimney or into your home. Sweeps inspect chimneys for cracks inside and out, ensure the flashing is in good repair, and perform regular cleanings. For all these chimney services, and more, a Trenton area chimney sweep company is there to help.

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